Statewide Solutions

inTEAM assists State Agencies with performing their federally mandated role (1) To effectively manage the use of Federal Funds to support Child Nutrition programs operated by local school districts and other sponsors through regular, carefully structured, Administrative Reviews to include data gathering and analysis. (2) When State Agencies identify problem areas, Technical Assistance can be targeted to address any deficiencies and to promote best practices.

The following products were developed to further automate data collection and are fully integrated with the Administrative Review process, thereby simplifying accountability and compliance for LEAs while avoiding labor intensive redundant input. Each product is available for statewide licensing at a deep discount compared with individual district purchases.

Despite some temporary regulatory relief from USDA, schools and state agencies still carry extraordinary administrative burdens demonstrating accountability for Child Nutrition Programs. This is especially evident in Administrative Reviews and Procurement Reviews.

One positive aspect has been an intense focus on Supply Chain issues where new strategies have been developed. inTEAM has been actively engaged in this effort since 2017, collaborating with operators, suppliers, distributors, state agencies, and competitors to develop consensus data standards based on the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).  inTEAM has partnered with SNA to educate membership on the use of GDSN address supply chain issues.  Watch the January SNA Supply Chain Series GDSN Webinar including an engaging panel of stakeholders and check out the FAQs for more information.

GDSN Connect

GDSN Connect is the first supply Chain data sharing tool to electronically compile standardized product data for Administrative Reviews and Bid Specifications into a single unified database to make current product specifications just a click away for over 185,000 items. Licensed state agencies and their program sponsors can:

  • Search and match items from a single consolidated database of products from GDSN, USDA, and other sources for up to date standardized specifications including nutrients, allergens, meal pattern credits, ingredients, handling information, and pack size information.
  • Export enhanced and current product data to your existing software applications to take advantage of their full capabilities.
  • Prepare procurement bid specifications with pre-approved “Or Equal” items.
  • Prepare all Week of Review reports for Administrative Reviews for all items and recipes from a single source.

Click HERE for more information on GDSN Connect.

eLearning Platform

inTEAM’s eLearning library has been developed and continuously updated to reflect regulatory changes to meet 100% of the annual required individual training needs of Child Nutrition Program Directors, Managers, and Cashiers in implementing the meal pattern.

  • eLearning courses can, and currently are, utilized as preparation for Administrative Reviews, as Corrective Action resulting from Administrative Review findings and to provide ongoing Technical Assistance.
  • All courses can be customized to include state specific regulations, policies, etc. and further customizable for multiple programs (school districts) under a main entity (state agency). Each division may have its own branding and will only have access to their data and learners.
  • Administrative users can generate transcripts (including state logo) and a USDA complaint report to track Professional Standards training requirements statewide, by school food authority, and by learner.
  • The system provides comprehensive Data Analytics (i.e., for problematic questions, performance based on demographic variables., gap analysis, etc.) and extensive reporting capability, capable of either HTML based or CSV (Excel) reports.
  • Additional features include custom learning paths for School Food Authorities based on Administrative Review findings or current training needs and tracks their progress in real-time, including automatic notifications of certification renewals and/or expirations.
  • All eLearning courses contain built in quizzes and post-tests to test the user on the knowledge acquired as they are taking the course to effectively reinforce retention of key concepts.

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Statewide Interactive Menu Planning System

Menu Planning forms the core data set powering all other interoperable modules, including Production Records, Forecasting, Inventory, Ordering, Labor Requirements and Financials

  • Roles are structured to provide privileges for specific functionality to State Administrators, User Administrators, Reviewers, Menu Planners, Sponsor Administrators, Site Administrators, etc.
  • Allows groups of State and District users to design and share compliant menus, repurposing existing data for modification as needed.
  • Efficient as a substitute for the one time use of USDA spreadsheets for everyday use and compliance.
  • Ability to monitor meal pattern changes year over year, including editing, modifying and duplicating data to enhance program efficiency.
  • Permits users to analyze complex menus, accounting for multiple meal combinations to assess meal pattern compliance in real time.
  • Production Records are pre-populated from menu plans and can automatically calculate a production forecast.
    • Meets all USDA reporting requirements adopted to sate approved formats
    • Pulls required menu information directly from the Menu Planning module, simplifying planning, production and reporting.
    • Allows users to pick and choose what specific items to include on the production record report.
  • Supported by nutritionists with operational experience at federal, state, and local levels.

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Choosi Mobile App

A statewide framework for data collection and analysis, customizable to meet local requirements.

  • Includes utilities to seamlessly connect to native and 3rd party menu planning systems, eliminating redundant work.
  • Facilitates dissemination of menu nutrition data, including nutrient and allergen information.
  • Collects customer ratings of food quality and other attributes, driving quantitative data analytics.
  • Allows configuration and advance ordering of grab and go reimbursable meals, expanding access and capacity.
  • Facilitates nutrition education by presenting school meal data on a component by component basis.
  • An effective training tool for teaching how to select a complete reimbursable meal meeting nutritional standards.

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