Statewide Solutions 

GDSN Connect Enterprise Edition equips state agencies and their recipient agencies with full featured electronic data quality control and data sharing tools.

Data Exchange

inTEAM’s open data exchange policy ensures that all K-12 back of house software applications are capable of exchanging data electronically with GDSN Connect. The data exchange merges enhanced data back into local back of the house software databases. Routine functions and reports are more accurate for menu planning, forecasting, production, inventory, and ordering.  If a district’s software is not on this list, inTEAM will work with that software provider to set up the exchange.

GDSN Based Procurement

GDSN Connect Enterprise Edition also streamlines the process of generating electronic bid and RFP specifications, managing contracts and catalogs at both the state and local levels for recipient agencies. Changing the paradigm for procurement can provide more competitive bid results with considerably less effort and providing more clarity for all stakeholders. One example is the ability to objectively compare GTIN attributes side by side.  For more information about GDSN based procurements, go to “Bidding by GTIN”.

Technical Assistance to Reduce Error Rates

GDSN driven processes extend technical assistance by the state agency to reduce errors rates under Performance Standard 2 attributable to manual data entry and outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete data as described in this video.

Key Features

GDSN CONNECT Enterprise Edition provides state agencies with the following administrative capabilities:

  • Access full product specifications from GDSN for products including nutrients, allergens, ingredients, and meal pattern credits.
  • Standardize product specifications around the use of UPC codes and GTINs system wide.
  • Exchange data electronically with locally installed back of the house software.
  • Easily produce bid specification reports to include in procurements by selecting specific products and pre-approved alternatives.
  • Special icons for direct delivery USDA Foods and processed End Products.
  • Compare product specifications for vendor proposed items against the original item with side-by-side views of key attributes.
  • A Menu Sandbox to develop shared recipes and five day menu plans with full pre-cost capability.
  • Communicate awarded vendor catalogs through GDSN Connect’s district portal.
  • Data quality tools to review and update product specifications on behalf of districts.
  • Automatically share product and pricing updates to district users.
  • Farm to School integration and tracking of local products.
  • Optional electronic data feeds from supported vendors to streamline vendor catalog updates.
  • Create standardized recipes with sharable item  GTINs and complete specs.

Each recipient agency is provided with the standard features of GDSN Connect School District Edition  at discounted rates based on statewide enrollment.  Contact Us for additional information and a demonstration.