Initial Training & Ongoing Technical Support Services

inTEAM provides initial setup and training as well as ongoing technical support services through a variety of channels and formats to maximize the capabilities of GDSN Connect.  These services are included in the annual subscription fee.

inTEAM provides support related to the operation of the software through the inTEAM Help Center, which can be accessed directly by users via links within GDSN Connect or from a dedicated webpage for the data sharing groups hosted by inTEAM. The inTEAM Help Center is hosted by ZenDesk and is available 24/7. The Help Center contains extensive, easily searchable User Guides and Knowledge Base Articles providing detailed documentation on functionality and step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the different features of the GDSN Connect. Key word searches can be conducted for specific topics and each article contains intuitive suggestions for related articles. In addition, tool tips and other helpful information has been incorporated directly into the GDSN Connect application to make it as intuitive as possible.

Custom support is available for specific staff development needs beyond the included services described above.  Engagements can include general assistance or a defined objective such as matching GDSN data into your current (legacy) database, assistance with import and export to and from supported software companies, outreach to local produce distributors to identify products eligible for farm to school grants and reimbursements.  Additional services are available including administrative reviews preparation, managing GDSN based procurement content, or custom training needs, typically performed interactively via remote meeting platforms. These activities would be covered under a separate consulting agreement with engagement-specific Statements of Work (SOWs).