Information for K-12 Brokers & Consultants

New Tools to Assist K12 Customers 

GDSN Connect provides a new set of tools to brokers and consultants providing menu planning suggestions for their K-12 customers.  This includes full access to the industry wide Nourish to Flourish Database of products and specifications update regularly from a variety of official sources.

Planning new recipes and five-day breakfast and lunch menus is supported in a sandbox environment to test and pre-cost  new ingredients and prepared foods. Users can produce a complete set of product specifications and bill of materials speaking the common language of GDSN across the supply chain.

Adding Electronic Connections Reaching your Customers’ Local Database

GDSN Connect can make the work you are already doing for clients more efficient.  When K-12 Operators subscribe to GDSN Connect School District Edition your work can be configured to reside on client systems in real time as an available catalog view. When catalog items are viewed and selected, the value added you provide can also be passed to their GDSN Connect installation and their existing Back of the House software for forecasting, menu planning, procurement and related systems.

Enhanced “Smart” Catalogs & Global Searches for Your Customers

Catalog searches display USDA processed end products side by side with commercial products to assist operators in making the best selections considering available raw materials at the processor site.

The GDSN Connect school district portal identifies Farm to School grant eligible products based on the GDSN attributes of the grower/processor and the school customer.

GDSN Connect Global Searches display special icons to indicate which products are contracted, which are adopted into local databases, and available to supplement or substitute from current contracted suppliers.

Products from the catalog are data enhanced by GDSN and other Nourish to Flourish sources. The enhanced records and are made available to Operators to adopt into their local item database also making those items available in back of the house systems. Those items and specifications are available for forecasting, menu planning, ordering and inventory and placement in electronically generated procurement documents.

Broker/ Consultant Administrative Features & Pricing

inTEAM welcomes deeper engagement and integration that can be achieved by jointly co-marketing the data services. This includes interactive catalogue management functionality directly linked to client systems as described here.

  • Access full product specifications from GDSN for products including nutrients, allergens, ingredients, and meal pattern credits.
  • Standardize product specifications around the use of UPC codes and GTINs.
  • Compare product specifications for customer specified items against proposed alternative items with side-by-side views of key attributes.
  • Support tools to highlight USDA Foods (Direct Delivered and processed end products).
  • Support tools to highlight Farm to School local products based on grower location.
  • A Menu Sandbox to develop shared recipes and five-day menu plans with full pre-cost capability.
  • Communicate vendor catalogs to Customers through GDSN Connect’s district portal.
  • Data quality tools to review and update product specifications on behalf of customers.
  • Automatically share product and pricing updates to members.
  • Administrative module subscriptions start at $5,000 for a small distributor and are scaled by number of participating districts.

Please contact us for additional information on this value added benefit for your customers.