GDSN Connect School District Edition

The Most Complete Source of Product Data

GDSN Connect gives more you than just access to GDSN. Manufacturers with branded products communicate product information through GDSN, but K-12 menu planners and procurement managers need more information. GDSN Connect also enhances and consolidates data from other official sources as well as distributor information to provide the most comprehensive product database available in K-12.  Additionally, GDSN Connect helps to ensure that this data is accurate and up to date by providing quality control tools and bi-weekly updates from each data source. With GDSN Connect, you know you have the most complete and accurate product information available to K-12 users.

Data Exchange

inTEAM’s open data exchange policy ensures that all K-12 back of house software applications are capable of exchanging data electronically with GDSN Connect. The data exchange merges enhanced data back into local back of the house software databases. Routine functions and reports are more accurate for menu planning, forecasting, production, inventory, and ordering.  If a district’s software is not on this list, inTEAM will work with that software provider to set up the exchange.

Key Benefits & Features

GDSN Connect makes it easy for districts to find product specifications from hundreds of brands in GDSN and electronically transfer those product specifications into their existing software application(s). Key features within GDSN Connect include:

  • Simplified setup wizard that makes it fast and easy to initially import items from existing BOH software, match those legacy items to standardized products in GDSN, and then return the full set of attributes back into the originating software
  • Automated warnings to flag items that have potential data quality errors and tools to easily fix those errors
  • Review product changes from manufacturers to keep product data accurate and up to date
  • Search ~190,000 items from the Nourish to Flourish Database, an industrywide database of product information from GDSN, USDA, and other sources for new items.
  • Upload vendor catalogs and prepare GTIN-based procurement specifications with pre-approved “Or Equal” items for more competitive bids and RFPs.
  • GDSN Connect’s menu sandbox functionality allows users to build and pre-cost weekly menus using items and recipes easily and quickly from their local items and try new items from the larger N2F Database prior to procuring them.
  • Support administrative reviews by generating “week of review” reports for items and recipes in a standardized format demonstrating compliance.

GDSN Connect – District Edition Pricing

List pricing includes software maintenance and technical support.  A one-time setup and implementation fee will be applied to the initial purchase. School Districts also have access to inTEAM’s consulting services at a rate of $95 per hour for any additional help they may need.

Like food procurement, software procurement must follow local, state, and federal regulations and guidance applicable for each school district. Whether a formal or informal method applies, all public procurements require competitive due diligence. Here is an example for a recent software procurement issued by Sioux Falls School District developed to meet those requirements.

About Interagency & Interlocal Agreements

Given the complexities of procurement, USDA encourages Lead Agencies with proper expertise to share the resulting contracts from competitive procurements “where appropriate” (2 CFR 200.318(e)).  Other school districts and Public Agencies in the immediate area and across state jurisdictions can “piggyback” on those contracts. USDA guidance provides language and protocols for executing these Agreements:  USDA Memo:  SP05 CACFP03 SFSP02-2017 October 19, 2016