Co-Ops & Affiliated Groups Edition

GDSN Connect Co-Op Edition provides affiliated groups sharing the same or similar supply chain contracts (like purchasing co-ops) with electronic data sharing tools to access and update product specifications system wide. The core resource is the Nourish to Flourish (N2F) Database, the result of a voluntary six-year industrywide effort to design a single enhanced data resource that is continually updated. GDSN Connect Co-Op Edition streamlines the process of maintaining current product specifications, managing data quality, contracts, and catalogs of behalf of affiliated school districts. Updates that are performed centrally automatically flow to members system wide.

“Bidding by GTIN”

When procurements incorporate “Bidding by GTIN” for identifying products, it is easier for both procuring agencies and respondents. Bid items and pre-approved alternative products are identified by their UPC code (also called a GTIN) instead of general terms. By requiring respondents to provide GTINs for all proposed branded products, standardized specifications can be retrieved electronically from manufacturers through GDSN Connect. This will expedite the review of responses for proposed equivalents that were not pre-approved. Additionally, any updates to these specifications by the manufacturer are automatically pushed out to each district using those products.

The Most Complete Product Database from GDSN and Other Trusted Data Sources

GDSN Connect gives more you than just access to GDSN. Manufacturers with branded products communicate product information through GDSN, but K-12 menu planners and procurement managers need more information. GDSN Connect also enhances and consolidates data from other official sources, including distributor information, to provide the most comprehensive product database available in K-12.

Data Quality & Continuous Updates

Additionally, GDSN Connect helps to ensure that this data is accurate and up to date by providing quality control tools and bi-weekly updates from each data source.  Group users have access to complete product information, reducing error rates attributable to manual data entry and outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete data.

Key Administrative Features & Pricing

  • Access full product specifications from GDSN for products including nutrients, allergens, ingredients, and meal pattern credits.
  • Standardize product specifications around the use of UPC codes and GTINs.
  • Easily produce GTIN based bid specification reports to include in procurements by selecting specific products and pre-approved alternatives.
  • Compare product specifications for vendor proposed items against the original item with side-by-side views of key attributes.
  • Support tools to highlight USDA Foods (Direct Delivered and processed end products).
  • Support tools to highlight Farm to School local products based on grower location.
  • A Menu Sandbox to develop shared recipes and five-day menu plans with full pre-cost capability.
  • Communicate awarded vendor catalogs to members through GDSN Connect’s district portal.
  • Data quality tools to review and update product specifications on behalf of members.
  • Automatically share product and pricing updates to members.
  • Optional electronic data feeds from supported vendors to streamline vendor catalog updates.
  • Administrative module subscriptions start at $5000 for a small co-op and are scaled by number of participating districts.

Optional Upgrades for Members

Optional upgrades to additional GDSN Connect features at discounted prices for co-op and affiliated group members are available.  Small district prices start at less than $3,000 per year and are scaled based on enrollment.

“Smart” Catalog Views For Members

Catalog searches also display USDA processed end products side by side with commercial products to assist operators in making the best selections considering available raw materials at the processor site.

inTEAM also has tools to identify Farm to School grant eligible products based on the GDSN attributes of the grower/processor and the school customer.

Data Exchange

inTEAM’s open data exchange policy ensures that all K-12 back of house software applications are capable of exchanging data electronically with GDSN Connect. The data exchange merges enhanced data back into local back of the house software databases. Routine functions and reports are more accurate for menu planning, forecasting, production, inventory, and ordering.  If a district’s software is not on this list, inTEAM will work with that software provider to set up the exchange.

Refer to School District Edition for additional information about features and pricing for affiliated group members.  Contact Us for additional information and a demonstration.