Information for Software Vendors

The Nourish to Flourish Initiative resulted in the development of a single, standardized product database developed by an industry-wide group for use throughout K-12. Adhering to a set of open data standards developed by the Technology Stakeholder Advisory Group, the N2F Database was built using GDSN as its foundation and then enhanced with data from USDA, distributors, and other sources to provide operators with a comprehensive product database containing everything they need to run their operations all in one place and suppliers with a single place to publish their product information. Software vendors were included during that process of defining the data standards so that their feedback and participation would guide its development.

Stakeholders throughout K-12 are in support of a single, standardized database to improve communication throughout the K-12 supply chain, reduce data entry errors, and eliminate redundant efforts and costs. To see this vision become a reality, inTEAM has taken on the responsibility of working with all suppliers to get their products published to the N2F Database and to keep that product information accurate and up to date. inTEAM has also agreed to share access to the N2F Database with other K-12 software vendors so that all operators can have access to these standardized items regardless of which software platform they use.

Upon the public launch of the N2F Database in early 2022, inTEAM also launched GDSN Connect, a software tool for operators designed to let them access the N2F Database that works alongside the software already in use by an operator. Operators use GDSN Connect to search for products from the N2F Database and then export those items into their existing software adhering to the open data standards via a common CSV file format. While there is a cost to operators to use GDSN Connect, there is no cost to software vendors to import the data files from GDSN Connect. inTEAM is also willing to discuss with software vendors other methods to integrate with the N2F Database to provide a smooth user experience.