Information for Software Vendors

The Nourish to Flourish Initiative led to the creation of a unified product database for use in K-12. Developed collaboratively by an industry-wide group of stakeholders that included software vendors, the N2F Database adheres to open data standards established by the Technology Stakeholder Advisory Group. It is based on GDSN and enriched with data from the USDA, distributors, and other sources. This comprehensive database serves K-12 operators by consolidating all necessary product information in one place and makes it available for use in their software applications.  It also offers suppliers a single, centralized platform to publish their product details to reach all of K-12.

Stakeholders throughout K-12 endorse a standardized database to enhance communication across the supply chain, minimize data entry errors, and reduce redundant efforts and costs. inTEAM has taken on the responsibility of collaborating with suppliers to publish and maintain their product information in the N2F Database. Additionally, inTEAM has committed to sharing this product data with other K-12 software vendors, ensuring all operators can access standardized items regardless of which back of house software they use.

Aligned with the public launch of the N2F Database in early 2022, inTEAM also introduced GDSN Connect, a web application that operators can use to access the N2F Database. With GDSN Connect, operators can get product information for the products they use and then export that information into their back of software using open data standards in a common CSV file format. inTEAM will also work with interested software vendors to modify the open data standards to better align with their specific data structure. While operators must have a license to use GDSN Connect, there is no fee for software vendors to exchange data with GDSN Connect.

inTEAM has an API available for software vendors to provide more a streamlined user experience for their users to access GDSN Connect. This API includes single sign on (SSO) capability as well as automated data exchange of product information. Please contact inTEAM at [email protected] for more information.