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What in The World is GDSN? Supply Chain Challenges Made Simpler with Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Register and join this SNA Supply Chain Series webinar on Wednesday January 12, 2022 at 3:00 PM.

Supply chain disruptions are prompting school districts to begin thinking differently and driving innovation to develop more efficient solutions. Learn how GDSN can help you better address current supply chain shortages. This includes learning how to use industry standard technology protocols to access accurate product information, and to generate more timely and accurate forecasts to share with distributors and other supply chain partners. Perspectives from a diverse panel of stakeholders will include two school operators, a supplier, and distributor will be shared.


How Will the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Simplify Your Work?

Join us at SNIC 2022 on Monday January 17, 2022 from 11:00-12:00 for our Innovative Solution Session.

What can you do with a single spreadsheet from your distributor or current software provider?  With GDSN standardized data integrated in CNCentral’s comprehensive software, just about everything.  Learn about GDSN’s industry standard technology protocols for accurate product information to generate more timely and accurate forecasts to share with distributors and other supply chain partners.  With easy upload, intuitive process flow, smart search capability, see how clean data created from your current system flows seamlessly through menu planning, production records, inventory control, forecasting, ordering and mobile apps using our GDSN database of 185,000 items.


Join us at SNIC 2022 Town Hall – Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain disruptions are undermining our mission of advancing the accessibility and quality of K-12 foodservice operations. As school nutrition programs continue to experience inconsistent or reduced inventories and product delays, we could all benefit from hearing what other programs are doing to remain resilient. This Town Hall will bring together operation and industry thought leaders who will share what they are currently experiencing in the field, and what they see on the horizon. They will provide invaluable insights into how you can tackle staffing, product and transportation issues moving forward.  Learn More: SNIC 2022.  Sponsored by inTEAM and TITAN-A LINQ Solution


Case Study:  Technology Innovations Power Agile Grab & Go Solutions

The use of Grab & Go and Pre-Ordering mobile applications have been embraced by districts to help overcome challenges—and triumph—in this unprecedented year. Gain insight into some of the early data driven outcomes and decisions to adopt more app based tools moving forward into a post-pandemic life with in the Grab & Go Case Study.

Free Menu Planning

inTEAM Offers FREE Menu Planning Software to Qualifying Districts

Get the most out of the most powerful tool in your kitchen, the menu! CNCentral is being offered free to districts wishing to utilize standardized product data to streamline operations.  Using K-12 supplier data to drive menu item standardization, CNCentral allows operators to streamline menu planning, procurement, production recordkeeping, and inventory management.  Contact Us for a demo today.

Choosi Pre-Ordering Pandemic Year Case Study

Case Study – Using a Pre-ordering Application to Drive Meal Participation in a Pandemic Year

This past year has been a learning experience for everyone. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, inTEAM has polled districts using the Choosi Pre-Ordering application to gain insight into how districts have embraced mobile apps to manage operations to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes.  Read the Mobile Pre-Ordering Case Study.

APS Article

inTEAM and Aurora Public Schools Collaborate

From the Nourish to Flourish summit in 2017, the Data Sharing and Analytics Initiative was born. An early adopter, Aurora Public Schools, has begun implementing inTEAM’s tools and is piloting our newest tools, forecasting, and inventory management.  Read the story here!

Forecasting and Inventory

Forecasting and Inventory

After this past year, with disturbances in the global supply chain halting production and driving prices upward, the ability to control costs and maintain stability in the local supply chain is critical. Using standardized menu data, operators have the ability to drive a forecast and predict order quantities, thereby allowing distributors to plan ahead. This seemignly complex task happens nearly effortlessly using CNCentral’s new Magic Forecast!

inTEAM’s philosophy centers around using menus as the basis for all business decisions in a K-12 foodservice operation. CNCentral takes menu data and translates that from teaspoons to truckloads with integrated forecasting and inventory management system. to help ease the administrative burden. Contact Us to Learn More

CNCentral Recipes Free Scalable Recipes

Search, Scale and Print Great Recipes

Looking for inspiration? Trying to find products and ingredients that help meet compliance all while being fun and interesting for customers? Look no further! inTEAM has partnered with suppliers to bring you fun, healthy, compliant recipes… and they’re FREE!!!

Go to CNCentralRecipes to take a test drive of the CNCentral recipes platform. Download FREE scalable recipes from suppliers like Tyson, Rich’s, National Dairy, Dr. Schar, Dannon, Otis Spunkmeyer, and more! Your industry wide source for free scalable K-12 recipes including nutrients, meal pattern crediting, and allergens. Like what you see? Contact Us for a demo of CNCentral’s integrated solutions to meet your program’s needs.


inTEAM is recruiting a top-notch independent sales team, on a non-exclusive basis, who have the knowledge of K-12 foodservice methodologies, the passion for nutritional excellence, the drive to succeed and be financially rewarded.  We offer a robust commission plan and support the sales efforts by providing training, collateral, CRM access, website bios, assistance with sales, and ongoing technical support.  ICs who are also foodservice experts will be provided with the tools for their practice to assist with their menu planning-related services.  Contact Us to be contacted regarding your interest.