Daily Wrap-Up App

Simplify Required Pre and Post Production Records with the Daily Wrap-Up App

Tablets, not computers, belong in the kitchen. The Daily Wrap-Up app, a tablet-based mobile app, allows users to easily enter required post-production quantities for automatic roll-up across the district.  Menu information including recipes and videos flow directly from the Menu Planning module and pre-populates the corresponding production record data fields, connecting the menu planning and production record process into one simple procedure.  The Daily Wrap-Up app allows managers to electronically sign their production records and record labor hours to calculate meals per labor hour (MPLH) and other daily metrics for their buildings.‌

Daily Wrap-Up App & Production Record Features

  • Swap out or add last minute items
  • View recipes, meal preparation, handling, holding and serving instructions
  • Record time and temp
  • View required inventory quantities
  • Enter labor hours to calculate MLPH
  • Add notes to explain any anomalies
  • Highlighted missing values ensures balances are correct
  • User, date and time recorded for audit purposes
  • Roll up records for multiple serving sites
  • Save production record reports in multiple formats in a standard format
  • Additional reports include satellite tracking form, item, recipe and administrative review reports.
A screen of a tablet