Indiana Child Nutrition eLearning Overview

Professional Standards Compliance Made Easy

  • The Indiana Department of Education has purchased and provided two logins for every sponsor.
  • inTEAM’s eLearning course library contains enough courses and training material to meet 100% of the annual Professional Standards training hour requirements for each job position.
  • The course catalog identifies courses that meet the requirements for all Child Nutrition employees, including Directors, Managers and Staff.
  • The library contains courses specifically designed for Indiana and a series of “Coffee Break Webinars” that include certificates of completion.
  • Content is continuously updated to reflect regulatory updates, customer feedback, and custom requests from states and districts to meet their state and local needs.

Ease of Administration

  • An interactive dashboard makes it easy to track course activity, monitor grades, progress to goals and more.
  • All critical information is in one place making it easy to manage an unlimited numbers of learners.
  • Easily assign courses to individuals, teams and job classifications.
  • Set reminders and receive notifications when a course is or isn’t completed.
  • Earned training hours are documented with Course Certificates and a Learner Transcript consistent with the USDA tracking tool, automatically tracking total hours earned.

Learner Friendly

  • Earn Professional Standards credit anywhere, anytime!
  • Courses are web-based, available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access.
  • All classes can be completed at your own pace. Save your work and pick up right where you left off.
  • An interactive dashboard makes it easy to track assignments, progress and completions.
  • After completion of all courses, users will receive automatic certificates.

Login Information

Indiana eLearning Course Library

  • After School Snack Program
  • Applications for Managers
  • Civil Rights Compliance
  • Counting for Cashiers
  • Counting for Managers
  • Counting for Directors
  • Crediting Foods
  • Ethics Course
  • Excess Inventory of USDA Foods
  • Food Production Record
  • Local Wellness Policy
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Menu Planners
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Managers
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Cashiers
  • Processing USDA Foods
  • Procurement
  • Standardized Recipes
  • Special Dietary Needs Series
  • Smart Snacks Course Series
  • USDA DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
  • Verification for Directors
  • Weight vs Volume

IDOE Webinars

  • Buy American
  • Direct Certification
  • Direct Certification FAQ: September
  • Direct Certification FAQs: August
  • Direct Certification FAQs: July
  • Direct Certification FAQs: October
  • Effective Date Waiver
  • Eligibility Disclosure Requirements
  • End of the School Year Reminders
  • Enriched Grains
  • Excess Funds
  • Food Distribution Program Back to School Reminders
  • Food Safety Basics
  • Food Safety Plan
  • Free and Reduced Process
  • Free And Reduced Updates and Reminders
  • Navigating the IDOE Website
  • New Creditable Items
  • Offer vs Serve Best Practices
  • Offer vs Serve- Breakfast
  • Offer vs Serve- Lunch
  • On-Site Review
  • Organize Your School Nutrition Program with the New Calendar of Due Dates
  • Professional Standards
  • Resource Management Review
  • Smart Snacks for Elementary Schools
  • Smart Snacks for Food Service Directors
  • Smart Snacks for High Schools
  • Smart Snacks for Middle Schools
  • Smart Snacks: Coffee Bars, School Stores, and Fundraisers
  • Special Dietary Needs-Milk
  • Training Your School Staff
  • Unpaid Meal Charges Updates, Best Practices, and State Board of Accounts Recommendations
  • Updates and Reminders
  • 2019 Indiana Updates and Reminders Coffee Break Webinar
  • USDA Foods Annual Pre-Order Survey
  • Verification 101
  • Verification Part 1: Verifying for Cause
  • Verification Part 2: Preparing for Verification
  • Verification Part 3: Processing Verification
  • Verification Refresher
  • Verification Summary
  • Whole Grain-Rich Requirements

Indiana’s Dedicated Consultant

Hello Indiana!  My name is Rachel Beach and I have been working closely with the Indiana Department of Education since 2016 in supporting Indiana SFAs by providing them access to inTEAM’s eLearning platform and developing Indiana-specific courses.  I am here to help Indiana users with any of their consulting and/or software needs, so please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns! |  859-609-5519

About Rachel

A little about me: I started working in Child Nutrition in 2014, and I have worked at inTEAM as a Consultant since 2015. My previous work experience includes working as a Food Service Director at a small, independent district in Kentucky, so I am familiar with the daily operations at a district level. I also worked at the Kentucky Department of Education, where my duties included assisting with Administrative Reviews, supporting districts with their menu planning, and providing training to SFAs. I graduated from the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) in 2011 with a degree in Human Nutrition. I am based out of Northern Kentucky, so I am just across the river from y’all. ?

inTEAM’s  eLearning system

As of February 2021, inTEAM switched to a new eLearning platform!

Second Login

As of April 2021, IDOE is providing Indiana School Food Authorities (SFAs) up to two eLearning logins at no cost to the corporation!

One of the logins has been registered to the Food Service Contact of the district and it is up to the school corporation to determine who will be the second user. To sign up for the second login, contact inTEAM:  

Get Your FREE Menu Planning Software

inTEAM’s Menu Planning platform, CNCentral, makes it easy to plan, pre-cost, procure, and make last-minute changes and then produce, distribute and support reimbursement claims for healthy school breakfasts, lunches, and suppers. Watch the video.

Get started NOW by contacting Rachel at

Integrated Menu Planning & Forecasting

  • Product database containing over 75,000 unique items
  • One-click imports required attributes including serving sizes, nutrients, allergens, and meal pattern credits
  • Easily build and scale your own recipes or use templates including supplier provided or USDA recipes
  • Automatic forecasts from planned menus for sharing with distributors and manufacturers
  • Daily Wrap-Up mobile app for tablets brings daily preparation instructions and digital production records into the kitchen
  • Accountability and audit trail to support reimbursement claims
  • Operational guidance and best practices for serving meals in contactless environments

Optional Upgrades and Services to Further Streamline Operations

  • Choosi mobile apps for preordered meals and online menus
  • Mobile grab & go carts for delivery of meals anywhere on campus
  • Professional services to help with your program needs