The use of technology alone is never enough. The inTEAM approach is based on the principles of our founders in their book School Foodservice Management for the 21st Century.

We start with Menu Planning, analyzing Key Performance Indicators to make data-driven decisions in critical areas to develop recommendations:  Financial Management & Cost Controls, Department Organization & Staffing, and Marketing & Communications.

inTEAM consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to identify and focus on program inefficiencies; Treating customers as partners to plan, implement, and measure the impact of technology-driven change.

Measurement, Planning & Implementation

Most programs operate using multiple software systems, however, there are considerable efficiencies to be gained by utilizing an all-in-one solution, resulting in improved outcomes.

inTEAM reviews the various technology tools being utilized and their effectiveness in your “Current State” and makes recommendations for solutions that improve ongoing program performance.

Consultants provide support throughout adoption to ensure a smooth transition regardless of whether you have existing legacy systems or are completely new to utilizing tools to drive efficiencies. inTEAM takes a “menu-centric” approach to operational analysis. Helping manage the development and maintenance of your menu plans and recipes, offering suggestions that may improve engagement and participation. Data points are evaluated for overall effectiveness and aids in the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Professional Development

inTEAM’s professional team of internal and external consultants includes Registered Dietitians who have extensive experience developing and providing custom and standard training content. Consultants are available for in-person or remote training engagements.

In addition, our eLearning course catalog meets 100% of professional standards requirements for Directors, Managers, and Program Staff, and training materials are updated as regulatory requirements change and as system updates and enhancements are completed. New eLearning content that is generic in nature is provided to all customers in accordance with regulations regarding the utilization of federal funds.

Administrative & Procurement Reviews

inTEAM provides professional services to conduct all aspects of Administrative & Procurement Reviews. We ensure that SFA’s follow regulations, assess SFA compliance, provide technical assistance to the SFA as needed, establish findings, and provide required corrective action, as applicable.

inTEAM performs “mock reviews” for School Districts with options including off-site mock reviews and a combination of on-site and off-site efforts where inTEAM plays the role of the State Agency while measuring across a broad range of compliance requirements. A final report including recommendations to avoid fiscal action during the actual review is provided.

inTEAM’s unique value add to the overall administration of compliance is our integrated eLearning platform to help staff prepare for Administrative Reviews and to assign Corrective Action as required for adverse findings. In short, we understand the entire equation.

Program Marketing & Promotion

As a result of the ongoing pandemic and clients’ shifting needs, there has never been a more important time for businesses to be agile and adaptive. The Choosi Pre-Ordering, Grab-and-Go, Made-to-Order, and Online Menu tools bring integrated contactless solutions into the kitchen. inTEAM consultants help analyze, implement, and manage these tools for a seamless transition to mobile ordering and menus.

See how contactless solutions can drive participation in any serving situation. View the case study here.