eLearning: Professional Standards Made Easy!


See it in Action 

inTEAM’s founders literally wrote the book on managing Child Nutrition Programs, issuing the 1st edition in 1974.  This foundation formed the core of inTEAM’s complete Learning Management System.

inTEAM’s professional team of internal and external consultants include Registered Dietitians who have extensive experience developing and providing custom and standard training content.  The inTEAM’s standard course library covers all aspects of a food service operation and is consistently updated to address changing requirements and USDA guidance. Each course includes the learning code and number of hours credited for professional standards.

In addition to the standard course content within our library, all courses may be customized to include State and/or District specific regulations, policies, etc. We work in concert with our customers to develop new custom content for both live training and eLearning and new content that is generic in nature is provided to all of our customers in accordance with regulations regarding the utilization of Federal Funds.

inTEAM Course Library

  • After School Snack Program
  • Applications for Managers
  • Civil Rights Compliance
  • Counting for Cashiers
  • Counting for Managers
  • Counting for Directors
  • Crediting Foods
  • Ethics Course
  • Excess Inventory of USDA Foods
  • Food Production Record
  • Local Wellness Policy
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Menu Planners
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Managers
  • Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Cashiers
  • Processing USDA Foods
  • Procurement
  • Reducing Application Errors
  • Reimbursable Meals
  • Standardized Recipes
  • Special Dietary Needs Series
  • Smart Snacks Course Series
  • USDA DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
  • Verification for Directors
  • Weight vs Volume

Ease of Administration

Administrative users of the system have an intuitive dashboard to manage activities, track usage of a single person or groups of people, organize courses into topics or learning paths, assign specific courses/learning paths to specific users, send automatic notifications & reminders, set up organizational hierarchies, pull customizable reports, and much more!

Enhanced functionality enables state or district administrators to upload external training courses so that learners only have to go to one place for all of their training needs! Individual users can also upload certificates of completion and other information from external training sources into their own account so that all information can be kept digitally in one place. This record can easily be exported showing all the learner’s completed courses for comprehensive record keeping.

Learner Perspective

Learners see an individualized dashboard view which gives them information about their personal account including the courses they have to take, which are overdue, and which have been completed. They can also see any news such as an announcement of a newly published course, recent achievements, and recently viewed courses. All of the data on the dashboard is intended to give a learner a quick overview of their course progress.

Courses are on average 30 minutes long, making it easy to fit into the day. Course Certificates are automatically generated after earning an 80% or better on the course post-test, ensuring retention of training material. Learners can export a spreadsheet of their achievements.

Administrators are Delighted!

I wanted to give you a glimpse of inTEAM in Indiana.  There are many things that come up with new schools, new and revised e-learning courses, new marketing strategies, etc. We love their partnership and their ability to quickly answer our questions or concernsIt feels like a group effort when we work with them, and we love their customer support.

Sarah Kenworthy, RD, CD | School Nutrition Programs Coordinator | Indiana Department of Education |  Indiana eLearning Webpage

Learners Enjoy it!

I would say that inTEAM eLearning is a great tool to utilize the training for new staff members coming on because it gives great learning tools. The courses were easy to follow, not too long, but long enough to get the point across. I liked the courses that explained meal patterns and offer vs serve.

Rachael Groeninger | FSD | St. Wendel Schools