Dear School Food Service Colleagues:

Thank you for your tireless efforts to provide healthy meals to kids during these uncertain times. Here at inTEAM, we pledge to do all that we can to provide you with resources and support as you adapt your operations to a takeout “Grab & Go” model.  We’re currently making our CNCentral and Choosi solutions available to you for FREE as a turnkey cloud-based solution encompassing menu planning, production, accountability, online ordering, and training:

  • First suite of applications integrated with the Nourish to Flourish Data Sharing & Analytics Data Exchange platform and gaining access to a product database with over 40,000 K-12 products
  • Standardized Menu Planning tools with pre-populated meal pattern credit and nutrient information for each item makes building recipes and menus a breeze
  • Pre-built grab & go recipes and menu plans vetted with years of experience gives you new ideas for innovative meals
  • Product data embedded with USDA Food Buying Guide “as served” vs. “as purchased” portions makes it easy to forecast orders from menu plans

Set-Up by K-12 Dietitians

You can browse our pre-loaded Grab & Go items, recipes and menu plans reflecting the most commonly used components offered by multiple suppliers.  Or, you can provide your planned menu and our team will set you up quickly.

Online Training

We offer basic courses for staff who are new to school food service or to their roles.  We are currently adding new courses focused on the Grab & Go process.

Optional Ongoing Support Services

In addition to included free services, we can provide direct management and supply chain assistance with our knowledge of supply chains and through our large network of participating suppliers. This includes menu planning, forecasting, and producing suggested orders for your approval. We can also quickly customize eLearning content and knowledge testing (quizzes) to meet your local requirements.


How is inTEAMs effort linked to the Nourish to Flourish initiatives?

The suite of products that inTEAM is offering are the first ones built as prototypes using the Nourish to Flourish data standards already adopted by our industry partners and soon available to all software providers.

 How many K-12 items are accessible with complete product specifications (including CN credit) in the data exchange?

Approximately 45,000 and growing daily.  Child Nutrition crediting information is included in some records based on CN Label and Product Formulation Statements.

How do I substitute at the last minute?

The Data Exchange has powerful find and replace capability for items, recipes and menu plans.  Last minute changes can be made in suppliers and products as orders are finalized.

Can I generate menu plan-based orders?

Yes.  A menu plans are adjusted, suggested orders are also updated in real time

What types of items are in the database?

GDSN registered make up the bulk of the database and is supplemented by USDA foods, both brown box and processed, along with generic records with meal pattern credit based on the USDA Food Buying Guide.


Supply Chain Management – GDSN Based Standardized Data Exchange

Accountability Management Standardized Data Sets Available


We Support the Nourish to Flourish Data Sharing & Analytics Initiative