Chip Goodman is the Chief Executive Officer of inTEAM Associates.   Since founding School Link Technologies over 30 years ago, Chip has developed and provided school nutrition software, including point of sale, meal payment systems and professional services to foodservice programs at both the state and local levels.  inTEAM Associates founded in 1994 and acquired was acquired by School-Link in 2004.  Since then, inTEAM best practices have been digitized into a comprehensive set of web based collaborative technology tools for state agencies and local school districts now known as  Spun off as a stand-alone company in 2011, inTEAM now delivers statewide integrated solutions, collaborating with State Agencies to deploy compliant technology applications following the implementation of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA).  The current suite of applications serves various stakeholder interests including State Agencies, School Districts and the Student/Parent community.