Lawrence “Chip” Goodman

Chip Goodman is the Chief Executive Officer of inTEAM Associates.   Since founding School Link Technologies over 30 years ago, Chip has developed and provided school nutrition software, including point of sale, meal payment systems and professional services to foodservice programs at both the state and local levels.  inTEAM Associates founded in 1994 and acquired […]

Michael Sawicky

Michael Sawicky is inTEAM’s Chief Technologist and Business Intelligence Architect. Michael has 29 years of experience delivering complex computing applications while serving across various disciplines, including software development, software design, systems architecture, requirements engineering, product logistics and quality assurance. Major companies where Michael has worked include Viking/FedEx and JDA Software, where he served as Software […]

Troy Coleman

Troy works with districts to provide solutions to enhance program performance.  Troy’s background is in technology sales and marketing, previously working for companies such as AT&T and Time Warner. Troy sold products and services including cell phones, in-home security systems, internet services, mobile applications and voice and data solutions to retail customers and small businesses. […]

Rachel Beach

Rachel Beach is an inTEAM Consultant. Her primary responsibilities include managing inTEAM’s eLearning courses that are hosted in Blackboard, and developing custom eLearning courses for State Agencies and School Districts. Rachel previously worked for the Kentucky Department of Education, assisting with Administrative Reviews in school years 13-14 and 14-15. Rachel also has experience in the […]

Allison Scobbie, MS, RD

Allison provides technical assistance and consulting services to multiple states and district.  Allison has a wide breadth of knowledge of the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, menu planning technical assistance, healthy menu creation, and product crediting. She has completed multiple Bring Your Own Menu training seminars; training Food Service Directors and Menu Planners on […]

Kimberly Coleman, RD

Kimberly Coleman is a Registered Dietitian and inTEAM’s Senior Consultant for Business Development. Kimberly’s primary responsibilities include analyzing the school nutrition market and procurement procedures as it relates to customer needs, developing sales and marketing strategies and creating and implementing proposals to State Agencies. Her previous experience ranges from Nutrition Specialist at Citrus County Schools […]

Jason Jolly

Jason Jolly is the Chief Operating Officer for Choosi. Jason has over 15 years of experience bringing new products to market across multiple industries and organizations. He spent the first decade of his career leading product development and operations teams at Hewlett-Packard’s Imaging & Printing Group. Jason then transitioned to more entrepreneurial roles in the […]

Geri Hughes

Geri Hughes is Vice President of Operations for inTEAM, responsible for strategic initiatives. Geri’s primary background was in Human Resources with expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, compliance, infrastructure development, employee relations and performance management. Her operational experience at both Fortune 500 and small to medium companies, particularly start-ups and restarts, have provided […]