Technology Innovation Grants

Technology Innovation Grants

Like ART Grants, TIG offers two types of Grants: Planning and Implementation. The stated focus of TIG Grants is to develop uniform systems that could provide automation between State and local levels. The initial TIG grants were posted in October 2016 with awards anticipated in April 2017. For FY 2017, the total budget is $4.8 million with grant amounts available as follows: CN Technology Innovation Planning Grants for awards up to $100,000, with grant periods of up to one year; and CN Technology Implementation Grants for awards up to $2,000,000, with grant periods of one to three years.

“An informed understanding of current industry capabilities and practices results in both better Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and better contracts.” (NASPO) All grants require thoughtful planning and collaboration.


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Funding Resources

USDA provides several budgetary mechanisms to provide financial and technical assistance to State Agency technology initiatives.  Learn more about these and other programs at the USDA web page.

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Technology Innovation Grants

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