Procurement and Grants

Maximize Federal Funds in Procurement

Let us help you learn more about capitalizing on the benefits of acquiring and maintaining  intellectual properties developed under Federal Funds Participation (FFP) requirements. While most of our products were initially developed as COTS, they have been further enhanced by the availability of FFP, making most modifications available to all customers, regardless of which specific customer sponsored the initiative.

Perform Market Research

“An informed understanding of current industry capabilities and practices results in both better Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and better contracts.” National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO).

USDA Regulatory Guidance: Bids v RFPs

For solicitations using a request for proposal, when either a fixed-price or cost-reimbursable contract is awarded the evaluation and scoring criteria used must result in a contract award that is most advantageous to the program, with price and other factors considered [2 CFR 200.320(d)(4)].  While price is not the sole basis for contract award, price remains the primary consideration once the most qualified proposals are identified.

Funding Resources

USDA provides several budgetary mechanisms to provide financial and technical assistance to State Agency technology initiatives.  Learn more about these and other programs at the USDA web page.

Administrative Review and Training Grants

Technology Innovation Grants

NSLP Equipment Assistance Grants

Team Nutrition Training Grants

Breakfast in the Classroom Grants

No Kid Hungry Additional Grant and Funding Resources