inTEAM announces Groundbreaking Technologies at ANC "Big Reveal"

July 13, 2015
the big revealinTEAM announces the introduction of CN Central and KidsChoose Rewards. Both new technologies extend inTEAM’s core products and services to now include innovative solutions that directly address the challenges of implementing the Healthy Hunger Foods Kids Act (HHFKA).

Many districts are struggling to come up with cost effective menu plans with food that kids will eat. Fortunately, the internet has been a driving force, helping to facilitate efficiencies for the new sharing economy. CN Central focuses on maintaining a best practices library of menu planning tools and menu plans that can now be shared. inTEAM will curate a searchable national library of menu plans, recipe calculators, and other document artifacts, creating a one stop shop for menu planners. Qualified school districts can sign up for a free subscription to access the library. A “dollar a day” subscription per school enables full access to additional electronic editing and adoption tools. Maintaining participation, especially among full price students has also been difficult for many districts. The KidsChoose mobile app professionally markets school nutrition programs by creating new home to school services. This includes published menus, nutrient and allergen information, a grab and go meal ordering program, and a customer loyalty program. KidsChoose is provided at no cost to schools. KidsChoose functions connect seamlessly with inTEAM menu compliance tools and also accepts electronic data from Heartland Payment Systems (HPS) and other compatible systems.

CN Central will be phased in starting in August, 2015. KidsChoose will roll into pilot schools in Q4. Interested schools are encouraged to sign up in advance. Read More »

About inTEAM

inTEAM has a decades long history of providing solutions for child nutrition programs, developing and implementing a full suite of tools on line tools within CN Central for use in menu planning and compliance with the new meal pattern. Our extensive experience with software and consulting has now expanded, with connections to KidsChoose, a mobile app driving important nutrition and menu information and more from the cafeteria to home.

We have a long history partnering with states and districts implementing best practices. Our core belief is that neither consulting nor just technology alone is not enough. The thoughtful use of technology with just the right human touch has been proven to work.

Our partnership with operational experts in the field, coupled with our expert consultants with prior field experience, has resulted in the comprehensive development and implementation of best practices, backed by digital tools. Learn more at

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Beyond CN Central...What's Next?

Now that you have affordable access to great technology, what’s next?

That’s just the core of a menu centric approach proven to improve fiscal and nutrition outcomes. InTEAM has digitized the core concepts made popular by our co-founders Dot Pannell-Martin and Gertrude Applebaum and documented in their book: School Foodservice for the 21st Century. The vision of these award-winning Child Nutrition Directors was to apply their decades of knowledge and experience in creating standardized foodservice systems to help schools develop successful school meal programs.

The vision has not changed, the menu-centric philosophy remains and has evolved. We help guide you using proven change management processes and implementation strategies to balance the challenges of managing costs with acceptability. Read More »

Your Menu Centric questions can be addressed with inTEAM expertise and tools. Just go to our Ask The Community section and enter your own, or refer to some examples below:

Staffing, Equipment, & Work Schedules:

  • What is the best method for food preparation for my requirements? On site prep, a central kitchen, or a hybrid model?
  • What type of preparation best meets my needs? Scratch cooking, pre-processed, pre-plated?
  • What transport and storage capabilities do I need?

Training and Professional Development:

  • What skills are needed for each of my staff to deliver the new menu plan?
  • How can existing gaps be identified and addressed with training that meets the new Professional Standards requirements?

Pre and Post Costing:

  • How can per meal revenue and costs be estimated during the menu planning process?
  • What is the most efficient workflow to capture actual costs after meal service?

Supply Chain Management:

  • How does the new menu plan and my storage capabilities impact the supply chain decisions?
  • What are the best strategies to minimize waste?

Data Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • How can everyday transactional data collection be leveraged to fuel data analytics?
  • Which Key Performance Indicators should be measured at the building level to quickly identify outliers?
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A National Network of inTEAM Consultant Practitioners

We have helped dozens of State Agencies and hundreds of districts both large and small. Since 1994 over 10,000 food service professionals have been trained using inTEAM’s textbooks and training courses. inTEAM’s software and services currently being utilized state wide in Kentucky, New Mexico and Rhode Island. In addition, hundreds of districts have benefited from assessments, training and software. Learn More.

Our customers are delighted by their engagements with inTEAM’s national network of consultants. Each are independent thinkers working collaboratively on behalf of our customers. At inTEAM, you’ll find a supportive environment where you are encouraged to grow and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Contact Us to learn more about becoming part of the team.